About Us.

In the intricate world of healthcare, where the nobility of medical service meets the complexities of financial management, Caduceus Consulting stands as a beacon of unparalleled expertise and dedication. Our firm is not just a financial advisory; it’s a sanctuary where the fiscal concerns of medical professionals are understood, respected, and meticulously catered to.

At Caduceus Consulting, our ethos is shaped by a profound understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that define the medical profession. Our services are meticulously crafted, blending sophisticated financial strategies with an intimate knowledge of the healthcare landscape. This synergy is the cornerstone of our commitment to enhancing the financial wellbeing of those who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

Our founder and CEO, W. Shane Hunt, imbued in Caduceus Consulting not just his vast experience in wealth management and asset protection but also a vision that transcends traditional financial advisory. Shane’s background, marked by a distinguished tenure in the United States Navy and significant roles in leading financial institutions, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and service. Under his leadership, Caduceus Consulting has grown into a sanctuary for medical professionals seeking financial guidance and stability.

Our service offerings are diverse yet focused, catering to the myriad financial aspects of the medical profession. From wealth management and estate planning to practice management consulting and risk mitigation, each offering is a pillar supporting the overarching goal of financial security and prosperity. Our trust services ensure legacy planning is both secure and meaningful, while our strategic planning division helps navigate the ever-ev

olving landscape of the medical industry with foresight and acumen.

We understand that for medical professionals, time is a precious commodity. Our approach is designed to maximize efficiency, providing comprehensive solutions that simplify the complex. Whether it’s navigating the nuances of compensation and incentive planning, offering sage advice on mergers and acquisitions, or crafting bespoke malpractice defense strategies, our expertise is both broad and deep, ensuring no stone is left unturned in safeguarding your financial future.

Education planning and philanthropic endeavors also form a vital part of our portfolio. We believe in nurturing the future while giving back, aligning financial growth with personal values and community contributions. Our real estate investment consulting and insurance advisory further diversify our offerings, providing holistic solutions under one roof.

What truly sets Caduceus Consulting apart is our commitment to a personalized, consultative approach. We don’t just offer advice; we build relationships based on trust, understanding, and mutual respect. Our team of seasoned professionals is not only adept in financial matters but also deeply attuned to the pulse of the medical community. This empathetic approach ensures that our solutions are not only effective but also resonate with the personal and professional ethos of our clients.

In essence, Caduceus Consulting is more than a financial advisory firm; it is a partner in your professional journey, a steward of your financial aspirations, and a guardian of your legacy. We invite you to experience a level of service that is as distinguished as your own commitment to medicine.